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Improve your rankings and traffic with our SEO services. SEO is a results business and the only results that count are improved positioning within the search engines and more quality visitors to your site. Check out a few of our case studies below to see an example of results we have gained for some of our clients. If you are looking for monthly SEO then visit our page here.

Local SEO

Local SEO is about getting your business in front of potential clients on a local / regional level. You will want your business in the Google My Business listing so potential clients can find you in the Google Map listing. If you are already in it, is it in the top 3?. If you want local people to find your business then you need to check out our local SEO services page for further information

One Time SEO

You may not be ready for monthly regular SEO on your website, but you may want your website looked at. You may want on page SEO done to tidy it up, keyword research done to know what to eventually target, have a Google My Business account set up, have a video made to promote your business, all one off jobs, along with a few others. Well check out our one time SEO service page for more info.

Case Studies

seo kent client catersafe

CaterSafe are a Kent based company who provide food safety training to businesses within the food industry. CaterSafe wanted to achieve page one status for a number of specific food safety training terms on both a local and national level. We carried out a sequence of SEO programs to get them regionally ranked in over 10 counties across the south of England as well as for a number of terms nationally. This is what CaterSafe Principle Owner Samuel Turner said about our service:

seo kent client testimonial

We are not allowed to mention who the mortgage brokers are, due to signing a non disclosure agreement, but we can share with you the results we obtained for them. When we started the SEO campaign for the company in November 2016, it was on a brand new website that had only been live for 2 months. It had not had any SEO work carried out on it all. Within 6 months we had obtained page one and even position one rankings for a number of high search volume terms. The search terms you see on the image to the side are for national and large city rankings.

While we achieved great success in ranking this site both on page one and first for some terms, within a six month period, these results cannot be guaranteed on every site we work on. SEO is not a one size fits all operation. There are a number of factors that have to be taken into account, such as the size of your budget determines the amount of work we can put into your search engine optimisation, the quality of your competition and niche. Speak to us today if you would like us to work on obtaining similar results for your business.

seo kent mortgage broker results
SEO surrey client logo

Move Revolution are a Surrey and Sussex based Estate Agents with over 15 offices throughout the region. We stated SEO on their main 15 branches in 2016. Over the first 12 months of us working with them, they saw their traffic increase 44% on the previous 12 month. When we took over their campaigns, their rankings were virtually non existent and so our brief was to get their rankings up across the board and increase traffic by 30%. This was achieved and Move Revolution are delighted with the results they have got so far.

BMG Scooters are a main retailer of Italian bikes, in London. When we started work with them back in spring 2016 they hadn’t previously carried out any SEO work on their site and so were not ranking or listed in the search results for any of their main brands. Now they are dominating page one with over 25 top five rankings in Google for various bike and scooter brand names and more than 10 top three listings on page one. Also they are dominating the 3 pack map as well. As you can see from the example to the side, they are taking up at least two of the three listing in the map for a large number of their key phrases.

my club pro logo

My Club Pro is a website service for grass roots football clubs that enables them to create their own club website at a very low monthly fee. When we started SEO November 2015, their website was ranking on page 3 for one of the main keyword terms ‘club website’ and no where for the other ‘football club website’ They needed to get past more established websites on page one like Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool.By the 18th January 2016 the website reached position 3 for ‘club website’ and a few months later  first position for ‘football club website’.It is important to add that the speed in which the improved rankings were obtained is not typical nor can we guarantee the same speed in improving the rankings of other websites. We can however, guarantee a high quality of work that you will be very pleased with.

Local SEO

With over 86% of people looking online for local businesses compared to other methods, there has never been a more important time than now to make sure your business can be found locally. Furthermore, as the stats below show, making sure your website shows up in the mobile search is also very important. Can potential new customers find your local business?

72% of consumers who did a local search visited a store within five miles. (Source – WordStream, 2016) 

30% of mobile searches are related to a location. (Source – Google, 2016) 

28% of searches for something nearby result in a purchase. (Source – Google, 2016)  

Local searches lead 50% of mobile visitors to visit stores within one day. (Source – Google, 2014)  

78% of local-mobile searches result in offline purchases. (Source – Search Engine Land, 2014)  

65% of smartphone users look for the most relevant information regardless of who is providing the information. (Source-Google, 2015)  

What To Expect From Our SEO Services

Search engine optimisation or SEO for short is one of the most important strategies that a business should have if they want to see their website correctly promote their services. Get it right, and you can expect more traffic and more sales. Get it wrong, and your site could vanish before the very eyes of your potential clients.

Improving your visibility in search engines so that potential clients can easily find you for the terms they use to search for providers and services like yours is vital for increasing your profit margin.

SEO is an ever-changing factor that requires an experienced, expert team to deliver results that will retain their place. Here at NTC, we are continually testing, to ensure we know what Google is looking for when ranking sites. This is why with our 15 years plus of specialist experience, we know we can continue to provide results.

Whether you are a business looking to gain local clientele, a national company looking to dominate the search results nationwide, we are here to help you achieve your digital goal.

Check out our seo services offering to see exactly what we will do for you.

We Are Your Partners

We don’t see ourselves as a simple service supplier, but an extension to your business. Your success online is our success, and so we view ourselves as your SEO marketing department. Therefore,we will never work with any of your competitors, even if we stop working with you at any time.

Monthly Reports

We will send you simple monthly reports to show you how things are progressing with your website traffic and your rankings within Google. In addition, we will also inform you of any industry changes that may effect your digital business online, be it in SEO or digital marketing as a whole.

No Long Term Contracts

Because SEO is a results business we do not believe in long term contracts. We do suggest that there is an initial 3 month starting period for us to get things going within the search results, and after that we work month-by-month. If we are not getting the best results, why continue to hire us?

We Don’t Outsource

There are some agencies and SEO consultants who outsource their work / business to companies overseas to keep their costs down. We do not do that! All work is carried out and managed in-house by us to ensure quality. That way you know you are getting a full & proper service.

Quality Work

Because everything is done in-house by our team, the service we will provide is of the best quality. Also we do not offer clients cheap SEO. If you want quality long term results that grow your business, then you will expect a quality service to work on your websites optimisation, and that is exactly what you get.

Research & Development

To ensure we continue to provide the quality of work we do for businesses, we are constantly testing, researching and developing our SEO strategies. We spend over 40 hours a month carrying out tests to ensure ranking success & we stay on top of our industry to help benefit your company online.

What To Look For In An SEO Company

With so many companies, agencies, consultants and so called experts offering search engine optimisation, what should you look for/know before hand when choosing the right company for you?

We have complied a short guide below to help you find the right service provider/partner for your business. 

Providing Client Information

Anyone who does SEO who is reputable will be open to sharing a brief list of current & former clients along with contact information if you want to check their credibility. We’ve already openly given you examples of past work at the top of this page, & will be happy to provide you with further details if you want them, simply contact us and ask.

Adhering to SEO Guidelines

Any quality SEO company/agency etc. will always abide by Google’s publicly posted webmaster best practices, which prohibits common SEO tricks. If a company doesn’t follow those guidelines, your website could be hit with a penalty and receive low search engine results and traffic or even worse, Google could ban it from search results altogether.

Ranking Guarantees

Because Google and other search engines are always refining and developing their search algorithm, it is impossible for any business to guarantee rankings, especially the coveted #1 spot. You should ignore any one who claims they can get you first position, or that you can pay to get into the local map results.

Total Transparency

A quality SEO company will happily be open & transparent with you. They will advise & even obtain permission first before making any changes to your website. You’ll be able to speak to them regularly if you want. They also will provide monthly reports so you can see work you have paid for is being done.

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