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Nathan has been involved in SEO, digital marketing and business growth since 1998. He is the former head of digital for a multi award winning international marketing agency who has decided to set up his own agency and offer the best in seo services.

Nathan was born in the Isle of Man, a fact he is rather proud of. He spent most of his youth living in Kent before moving the the United States. After returning to the UK and living in the North for 12 years, he has settled back in Kent. he is an avid fan of Liverpool FC, a BBQ connoisseur and travel.


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Nathan’s Business Philosophy

Over the years of working with various organisations and businesses, Nathan has seen a clear need for a strong philosophy that enables him to provide the very best in service. The service that is offered to you is based on 4 key aspects. 1, Truthfulness. 2, Trust. 4, Ethics. 5, Quality.


There is nothing worse than working with someone who is not truthful. When working with Nathan, he will tell you from the beginning whether he is able to deliver the service you deserve. He doesn’t believe in providing clients with what they want to hear, but what they need to hear to be successful. You will be told honest time frames for the work to be done and expectations of results, not false promises to try and look good, but honesty that provides assurance.


There are unfortunately too many seo consultants and companies that take the money and run. Nathan believes in building long-term relationships with his clients and that can only be done through trust. Trust is one of the elements of a successful relationship and as it is more effective to keep existing clients than to find new ones all the time, Nathan makes sure his clients can completely trust him.


Everything Nathan does is above board and without compromise. He doesn’t carry out digital work that may damage your website, or worth, your reputation. Everything done by Nathan is inline with google’s code of ethics and requirements.


This ties in with the previous elements, especially Ethics. The work Nathan carries out, lasts. It is easy to send links to your website, but if they get de-indexed or hit with a penalty from Google, they have no effect. The work Nathan carries out is of the highest quality, ensuring the best results.

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