Unfortunately like most industries, there are within the SEO community individuals and companies that either don’t know what they are doing, or they deliberately set out to just take your money and run. Either way the quality of work they do on your website is very poor and the end result is your site ends up nowhere within the Google rankings, or worse still, penalised by Google.  Naturally we dislike people who do that sort of thing because it not only damages your website but also the reputation of companies like ourselves, who do offer high quality work. Therefore, we can understand  your reluctance or hesitation to have SEO done on your site now, if you have been burnt.

So Why Consider Us?

First off we only carry out work to ‘INDUSTRY STANDARD BEST PRACTICES’. This means that we follow the guidelines set by the likes of Google, Yahoo and Bing who tell us exactly what it is they are looking for in good healthy websites and SEO. (check out our FAQ’s page, question 3, for links to these guidelines)

We are also Google Partners (click here for confirmation). Google Partners are companies that Google recognise and trust to help you succeed on the web with their products.

We understand that trust is likely to be a big thing for you if you have had a bad experience in the past, and therefore we are more than happy to prove ourselves worthy of your trust. Go to our SEO Service page to see how we carry out SEO and how we can build a productive long term relationship with you through a number of different methods.

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