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If a business does not operate locally it does not need local SEO services, but also it may not need ongoing SEO or may only want help getting started and then carry out SEO themselves. And so there are occasions when a business simply needs one off SEO work to be carried out on their site and this is why we have created this one-time search engine optimisation service to help businesses who are maybe getting started online, or just want the very basic SEO carried out for them, or simply purchase various work/jobs as and when they want them.

Here is our pricing table showing you the 3 levels of service available and the work that will be carried out. For more information on each task, see below the table.

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Keyword Research

Competitive Analysis

On Page Optimisation

Google Property Setup

Bing Property Setup

Press Release (Basic)

Staff Training 


Social Profiles 

Promo Video For Youtube

Image Optimisation 

Page Speed Optimisation 

Website Security

Fix SSL Errors




1 hour





2 hours






3 hours



Keyword Research – We will carry out research on the best terms and phrases your website should focus on that your potential clients are using to find businesses like yours. This will help you target your marketing in the right area for improved results and ROI

Competitive Analysis – We will provide a full and detailed analysis of your 3 main competitors online, detailing exactly how well their website is performing, the keywords they are ranking for, along with advice on what you would need to do to effectively compete against them.

On page optimisation – From the first two tasks above, we will then carry out the relevant work needed on your site to help you improve your rankings. this work will include a number of factors to do with your metadata, such as your title and header tags, image tags, interlinking between pages etc. We will not alter any text on your site without discussing with you first.

Google Property Set up – if you don’t have a Google My Business listing, we will set it up for you the exact way Google is looking for it to be done. If you do have a listing, we will analyse it to make any necessary changes. We will also optimise your listing to help it rank on Google Maps.

Bing Property – This is Bing’s equivalent to Google My Business and is often ignored by businesses, but it does carry a lot of weight and can help improve your overall rankings. We will do the same with your Bing listing as we will with your Google one.

Press release – an effective and well-written press release, submitted to the correct sites can not only give your business excellent exposure online and potentially drive traffic to your site, but it can also help improve your rankings too.

Staff Training – We will provide training for either 1,2 or 3 hours depending on the package you bought, for as many employees as you want. This training will consist of showing you exactly how to carry out on-page and off-page SEO effectively on an ongoing basis.

Citations – A citation is any online mention of the name, address, and phone number for a local business. Citations can occur on local business directories, on websites and apps, and on social platforms. We will place citations on a variety of high powered and authoritative websites to give your site recognition and its own authority within the search engines.

Social Profiles – There are 1000,s of social websites on the internet, not just the main ones like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn etc. By creating profiles on the various sites, and linking them back to your website, helps to increase the authority of your website within the search engines.

A video for YouTube – we will create for you a promotional video for your website and place it on YouTube. You can place the video on your website if you wish. The video will help build awareness about your business, build your brand and help improve your rankings.

Platinum Service Only

Image Optimisation – This is a relatively new process, where we will produce certain data for your images that will help increase your rankings locally. Because of the time involved in carrying out this task, it is only available on our top service

Page Speed Optimisation – The loading time of your website has such a major impact on your rankings that Google has created a tool for you to check your page speed and to see exactly what work needs to be done to your website to improve its overall performance. You can check out the tool here. We will carry out any work that is required to improve your website’s page speed.

Website Security – more and more businesses are seeing an increase in attempts to hack their website. We will analyse your websites vulnerability and provide you with a full report on what is needed to ensure your website is secure, along with carrying out the work needed.

Fix SSL errors – Google is now putting greater emphasis on websites themselves being secure and are therefore looking for sites to have an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. You will know if your website has one because websites without them start HTTP:// and websites with one start HTTPS://. If your SSL certificate has not been set up properly it can cause major issues long term for your site. We will ensure your certificate is set up properly, and if you don’t have one, we will set it up for you.

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